Where is the perineum and what is perineoplasty?

The perineum is the tissue found between the vaginal opening and the anal opening.
Perineoplasty is a reconstructive surgery in this area.

Who needs a perinoplasty?

Typically women who have experienced a vaginal birth need a perineoplasty. During childbirth the perineum may stretch, tear, and/or an episiotomy (cut of the perineum) may have been performed to facilitate a delivery. Once the perineum is stretched or torn the muscles in this area lose their strength. The distance between the vagina and anus shortens, the vaginal opening increases in size, and there is a loss of muscle control.

The reverse may also occur, the vaginal opening can be too tight following delivery many times due to scarring from the repair.
A perineoplasty will reconstruct the perineum, bringing the muscles back together and improving the appearance of this area.

Perineoplasty Vs. Vaginal Tightening

A perineoplasty will not tighten the inner vaginal muscles, for increased vaginal tightness, a vaginoplasty surgery or ThermiVa radiofrequency of the vagina is offered.

How long does a perineoplasty take?

It is a short procedure lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Often a combination of multiple procedures is required to give the look and sensation that is desired, thus increasing the time of surgery.