We are proud to soon offer medical grade chemical peels made for ALL* skin tones. Chemical peels are used for skin resurfacing, anti-aging rejuvenation, and the treatment of hyperpigmentation or dark spots in the form of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma for example. The majority of our chemical peels do not require pre-treatment.

We will be offering medium depth chemical peels that shed the external layers of the skin and have some downtime on days 3-7.

We will also be offering chemical peels with minimal if any external shedding but uses regenerative medicine to stimulate cellular restructuring and remodeling. An active ingredient inhibits the enzyme called tyrosinase in melanocytes and by doing so it regulates melanogenesis, which can lead to discoloration when excessive.

Post-procedure skin care is given with most chemical peels in order to soothe the skin and increase effectiveness of the peel.

Noticeable results in the form of skin brightening and brilliance can be expected after just 1 chemical peel. Optimal results are achieved with a series of regular treatments no sooner than 14-21 day intervals.

*ALL SKIN TONES– On the way!