Botox is a popular brand of neuromodulator, at this time it is the only neuromodulator offered at Modern Gynecology. The injection of neuromodulators leads to a paralysis of the muscle injected and the prevention of wrinkles overlying that muscle, as well as the smoothing of wrinkles that are already set into the skin at rest. Botox is used to both prevent the formation of wrinkles as well as to treat the most severe wrinkles. A Botox regimen is best started prior to forming set wrinkles, but it is never too late for Botox. Botox should not be injected any more frequently than every 3 months, and is typically used every 3-4 months. It can take up to 14 days for the results from the injection to appear. The amount of toxin injected will be discussed between you and your provider, a more natural appearance allowing appropriate facial movements is the specialty of Dr. Jill.