What is clitoral hood reduction?

This surgical procedure reduces or removes the excess skin that covers the clitoris.
This procedure is permanent and your clitoris will before more visible and sensitive. The procedure takes between 1 to 2 hours and will require 6 weeks of recovery. No intercourse or self-stimulation is allowed until full recovery. As with any surgery, possible complications may include, bleeding, infection and possible hypersensitivity. It is very important to choose an experienced and trained surgeon to perform a clitoral hood reduction.

Why is hood reduction performed?

The main purpose is to increase clitoral sensitivity. Excess skin covering the clitoris may diminish sensitivity and reduce sexual pleasure. In addition some women find the excess skin to be visually unappealing. A candidate for clitoral hood reduction surgery is one who feels decreased clitoral sensations due to excess skin covering the clitoris or one who does not like the appearance of the clitoral hood.