UltraSlim uses a special patented type of light to stimulate fat cells. The treated fat cells respond by opening temporary pores in the cell and emptying the fat cell con-tents, releasing all of that stubborn fat you just can’t seem to get rid of with dieting or exercise.

Studies show that UltraSlim can reduce the size of fat by one-third in only 8 minutes. Each 32-minute treatment session includes four 8-minute exposures, with one each to the front, the back, the left side, and the right side.

UltraSlim works immediately, showing dramatic results before you leave the treatment room. The average patient loses 3.5” (54.1 fluid ounces) of pure fat! Some patients lose over 10” at a single treatment! That’s a GALLON of fat! All in just 32 minutes.

While UltraSlim achieves dramatic immediate results, all other non-invasive body contouring technologies take months to see even minimal results. As an added benefit, UltraSlim has been shown to produce collagen and elastin fibers which benefit the appearance of younger and tighter skin.

UltraSlim treatments are performed with the only body contouring device which is rated as Risk Group 1, the safest category of medical devices and the same risk group as a tongue depressor. None of the other non-invasive body contouring devices are as safe as UltraSlim. Only UltraSlim has no pain, no downtime, no side effects, and no adverse outcomes.

And you will lose at least 2” of fat at your very first UltraSlim treatment. Guaranteed!*

*In multi-site clinical trials NCT02867150 at ClinicalTrials.gov, researchers demonstrated immediate fat loss for 100% of patients, with losses at each treatment averaging 1.6 liters and 3.5” combined from the waist, hips, and thighs. At follow-up visits a week later, patients had lost a total of 4.75” on average. Over 98% of patients lost at least 2” at each procedure. FDA approvals K160880 and K150336. U.S. Patents include 9498641 and 9044595.


UltraSlim is for almost everyone. Whether you have stubborn fat in just a few areas or if you are looking for a full body trans-formation, UltraSlim is the easy way to have the body you deserve.

UltraSlim can get you from where you are now, to the body you dream about. If you want just a little off your love handles for your upcoming wedding, or if you are looking to change your life and your whole body, UltraSlim is right for you. Shown below is our inventor, who transformed his body and lost 60 pounds with UltraSlim.

Whether you want to fine-tune your body contours, jumpstart lifestyle changes, or desire the more dramatic results of a whole body transformation, UltraSlim can help you achieve your goals. and enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle.


ThermiTight is a minimally invasive procedure that uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency technology to gently heat targeted areas of your skin and naturally stimulate collagen, giving you smooth, natural looking results.

A prescription for oral sedation is given prior to the procedure and the majority of the patients utilize this treatment method. Patient’s must have a chaperone to transport them to and from the office. During the procedure tumescent anesthesia is also used, a solution of lidocaine is infused under the skin to prevent any discomfort during the procedure.

A very thin radiofrequency probe is inserted under the skin and the tissues are heated underneath to the optimal temperature for skin tightening. Many people search for an effective and long-lasting way to combat the signs of aging without surgery. By using radiofrequency energy, skin is heated to stimulate and re-build your body’s own collagen naturally.

Dr. Jill specializes in treating the lower face and neck as well as the abdomen. Above the knees is another popular treatment area.

Frequently asked Questions:

When will results start to be seen?

  • Within 1 month:
    • Some firming, smoothing, and improved contours will start to be seen
  • 3 months
    • Will see a noticeable difference
  • 6 months
    • 6 months is when final result can be seen
    • Although only 1 treatment is needed, some may desire more significant results and retreatment can be considered at 6 months.

How long do the results last?

Keep in mind that aesthetic procedures do not stop the aging process, they only reverse the signs of aging. As we continue to age our production of collagen and elastin slows.