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Dr. Jill, a board-certified gynecologist and surgeon, leads the way in holistic women’s health, with a deep focus on the nuanced fields of cosmetic gynecology, sexual medicine, and hormone therapy. In cosmetic gynecology, she offers state-of-the-art treatments aimed at enhancing both function and aesthetics, empowering women to feel confident and rejuvenated. Her approach to sexual medicine addresses a wide range of concerns, providing solutions that enhance sexual well-being and intimacy. As a distinguished member of The Menopause Society, (formerly the North American Menopause Society) Dr. Jill utilizes her profound expertise to evaluate and treat hormone irregularities across all ages, ensuring smooth transitions from puberty through menopause and enhancing quality of life at every stage.

Beyond her clinical excellence, Dr. Jill also hosts “Line One,” a live radio program on NPR, dedicated to discussing the latest in health and wellness, where she engages with experts and listeners on a wide range of topics. This role highlights her commitment to informed, evidence-based care and her dedication to public education about health issues. As a multilingual communicator, fluent in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language, Dr. Jill ensures every patient receives individualized care. Through her practice, she integrates lifestyle medicine, emphasizing nutrition, sleep, social connections, and stress management, to support a holistic path to health. Discover a new standard of care in a spa-like setting at Modern Gynecology & Skin, where Dr. Jill’s expertise and compassionate approach await.

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